Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY: braided bracelets

SUMMER isn't complete without colorful accessories. I'm sharing to you my DIY colorful braided bracelets. All you have to prepare are the following:
colorful pieces of cloth

cut into .5inch strips

needle, thread, scissors

string (which serves as a lock)

buttons! (serves as a lock or if you want you can place buttons in the whole bracelets to make it more colorful and stylish)

1. braid 3 pieces of strips.
2. braid until your desired length.
3. tie both ends through a knot
4. put a string(looped) on the other end
5. sew both ends using the needle and thread
6. sew a button on the other end.

 hoolla!! you already have bracelets!!! PERFECT for SUMMER!


  1. Nice!! :) Pero d ko sure if sugtan kog gisi2 diri ug mga cloth hahahha

  2. hahaha! gisi2 pud ka tshirt dha nina. gisi2 pud cloth haha :D

  3. hahahaha mao na d nko sugtan kai dghan nko gi gisi. anyway, thank you for your comments. its good to hear wa na buang akong blog sa ako CSS.

  4. Hah these are so cute. Why haven't I thought of this? Will do one. Thanks for sharing, Ika!