Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black Shoes

I am a huge fan of shoes. I think every girl does. Most of my footwear are flat sandals, closed-shoes and flip flops.  I only got few high-heeled shoes. I want to show you few of my black high-heeled shoes. They are all thrifted. I am a very industrious person especially when it comes to finding thrifts. Shopping thrifts is my favorite hobby. My week is incomplete without going to vintage shops/ukay-ukay shops. I love them because they are unique and if you are lucky enough you can find high quality imported items only that they are second hand. =)

Friday, February 11, 2011


Today, I was inspired to take photos of anything related to summer, fashion and colors. The site that inspires me to take nice photos is the, it's my favorite photography site. 

Some of the photos that I hearted long time ago..


And these are the photos I took. 

The lipstick is from the faceshop in nude pick, nail polish is from the faceshop too.

The bandeau if a gift from my sister, the straw fedora from YRYS SM Cebu, the geek glasses is from a local market here in Cebu.

 The summer outfit. 

The owl madness. A pair of earrings and a ring.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hair, hair and lots of hair! I just watched that movie last night and it was the second most perfect fairy tale I've watched. First perfect was Cinderella (it's an all time favorite!). I don't want to repeat the plot though for the ones who have watched it already nor spoil those who havn't seen the movie yet!

And speaking of hair, i just envy the shiny-ness and the blond-ness of Rapunzel's hair. tehee! I really admire those people who always took time to go to the salon and fix, style, color, curl, straighten their hair every now and then. I was given with a very nice and shiny hair way back but I rebonded/straighten it a year ago, had it colored brown, cut it, style it but it seems though that I haven't really found the best hair style for me.
I wanted this hairstyle do badly:
  I had a version of that one too:

I often visit the site to find and search for new styles. I had found some nice pieces but I'am too afraid to take risks because it might not end well. haha. There's this virtual hair salon application in their website that can help you choose the best hairstyle for YOU! You have to upload your own photo and just choose what hair you want to try cool is that! Now you don't have to go directly to the salon and regret for the results. Here are some of the looks i got!.
 ashley tisdale's hair


 selena gomez's

v. hudgens'

So what do you think? haha =)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

rainy days and wet days

ughhhh I'm too sick to go out but i'm not too sick to blog! The weather has been so crazy lately. My sinusitis attacked again and i really really hate it! I missed "lookbooking" too. But hopefully next week i'll be back for more post.

So here are some of the photos i took during the rainy days. Thank God the super typhoon that they've all been talking about wasn't able to come... :))))

kooky weather

 I just love denim shorts. They are like jeans, they just go with any top. My sister and I had to go to the mall for some errands. I didn't wear those booties though, I changed it with my pair of oxfords. 

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used to be

sorry for the super late post. This is my nth Lookbook post. Looking navy-ish and summer-ish today. I just came home from Sto. Nino Church. I didn’t go there wearing shorts cause i’ts a holy place and I respect that place. When I came home I just changed into this lovely denim shorts. The hat is from YRYS store in SM Cebu. The t-shirt was given by my mom way back in college. The short is from my sister’s closet. Sorry for that tired face, I’am not wearing any make-up. Lol. Hype this look here. BTW, i also posted this look on chictopia.