Monday, August 16, 2010

faded bliss

The theme of the look was inspired by the high-waisted shorts. It gave me the idea to make the photo look a bit vintage and it turned out well. If you love this look, hype this on lookbook or chictopia. thanks

just a little bit of hue

I’ve been posting articles about “denims” lately. It is because of my obsession with it. I don’t know, but i’am so into it! From jeans to shirts. I just love them. They really didn’t go out of trend ever since. 

wishful thinking

This photo was taken June 13, 2010 and i just posted this on lookbook 3 days ago (it was last August 8). I was kinda hesitant to post it since i think that i look really dark in this photo because i went at the beach a month before. But i did’nt stop me to post since i love the combination of the skirt and the black top. hype my looks at