Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hair, hair and lots of hair! I just watched that movie last night and it was the second most perfect fairy tale I've watched. First perfect was Cinderella (it's an all time favorite!). I don't want to repeat the plot though for the ones who have watched it already nor spoil those who havn't seen the movie yet!

And speaking of hair, i just envy the shiny-ness and the blond-ness of Rapunzel's hair. tehee! I really admire those people who always took time to go to the salon and fix, style, color, curl, straighten their hair every now and then. I was given with a very nice and shiny hair way back but I rebonded/straighten it a year ago, had it colored brown, cut it, style it but it seems though that I haven't really found the best hair style for me.
I wanted this hairstyle do badly:
  I had a version of that one too:

I often visit the site to find and search for new styles. I had found some nice pieces but I'am too afraid to take risks because it might not end well. haha. There's this virtual hair salon application in their website that can help you choose the best hairstyle for YOU! You have to upload your own photo and just choose what hair you want to try cool is that! Now you don't have to go directly to the salon and regret for the results. Here are some of the looks i got!.
 ashley tisdale's hair


 selena gomez's

v. hudgens'

So what do you think? haha =)


  1. Definitely Rhianna's! We're on the same page on trying to do anything with our hair! I'm scared too. My hairs a virgin in terms of chemicals. hehe But Ive tried the full bangs though.

  2. hehe... i like the selena gomez...
    i like rarpunzel's hair too, but belle's hair enchanting me the most..
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